Shameful Short Verse

Bad Writing by Goldberry

Today's lesson children -  the ABCs
A is for Aragorn – who fell on an Axe
B is for Boromir – who was put on the Racks
C is for the Companions – who were caught in a Mire
D is for Denethor – who set himself on Fire
E is for Eowyn – who swallowed some Mice
F is for Faramir – was devoured by Lice
G is for Gimli – who was trampled by a Horse
H is for Haldir – who was a dinner Main Course
I is for Isildur – a dead son of a Dead King
J is for Joy – when I get that Ring
K is for Kili – who ate Poisoned Peaches
L is for Legolas – was sucked dry by Leeches
M is for Merry – who made a tasty Fillet
N is for Numenor – weak men fading Away
O is for Osgiliath – Great city of Black Breath
P is for Pelennor – fields of Great Death
Q is for Quenya – the language of Sheep
R is for Rohan – the land where men Weep
S is for Shelob – finest of Spiders
T is for Theoden – King killed by Black Riders
U is for Uruks – who will cover the Land
V is for Valar – who will make one Last Stand
W is for Wishing – that you could have Defended
X is the Spot – that your life will be Ended
Y is the Question – you'll ask in Dismay
Z is the End of our Lesson Today
Questions? Now we will have a quiz……..