Pestilential Prose

Bad Writing by Erorah Daughter of Eowyn

Gandalf and Pippin are sitting together in Minas Tirith as it is being seized by thousands of Orc.
Pippin looks to Gandalf and despairs. "I didn't think  it would end like this... "
Gandalf turns to him. "End... No death is just another  path, one that we must all take... "
Pippin looks back to Gandalf. "Oh... "
Gandalf speaks once more. " The grey  rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to a horrifying and painful  ache. And then you see it ... a sea of boiling lava ... and beyond,  a perilous country of Ravaging beasts under a jagged  sunrise,"
Pippin quickly turns his head to Gandalf. "Oh, that  doesn't seem too bad then..." Pippin said to him  feeling comforted.
"Yes, I wish I never left, but  NO I had to come back to this!" Shouted Gandalf sarcastically.
"Well, why don't we just let Sauron win!" Splurted Pippin.
"That's a brilliant idea Peregrin Took, and still  Hobbits prove their worth!" Gandalf  gasped.
And so the race of Middle-Earth fell and Sauron's army defeated the free peoples of MIddle-Earth, whilst Pippin and Gandalf skipped into the  sunset..
The End