Lamentable Laughs

Bad Writing by Dinledhwen

Gimli's Humor

When Legolas saw the teenage girl dressed in a black wizard style robe running towards him waving a clipboard his fair face went white.

"How did she find me?!" he moaned out loud as he ran into the Golden Hall at Edoras and hid behind a pillar. Now this didn't go unnoticed by Aragorn and Gimli who were seated at a nearby table smoking their pipes.

"Alright Legolas I know your in here!" Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter story said while stopping close to his hiding place. "I got a message from a secret informant that you wish to be free and join my S.P.E.W. cause to help liberate your fellow house elves! See I even have a pair of socks for you so you can be free right now!"

Meanwhile Gimli was shaking all over as he tried hard not to laugh out loud and the tears were rolling down his face and soaking into his beard.

"Your humor is twisted secret informant," Aragorn said calmly between puffs on his pipe as he watched Legolas cringe with fright when Hermione found him and tried to get him to accept a pair of pink and purple argyle socks. Something the Elf obviously didn't want to do and he ran off with the teenager chasing after him.

By now Gimli's booming laughter filled the hall and Aragorn sighed.
"Definitely twisted," he muttered around his pipe stem.