Angstfest Writing Contest
Serious Angst
  • Another Morning in Mirkwood by IrishStarElf
  • * The Echo of a Wordless Song by Firiel
  • The Fellowship by jan-u-wine
  • Honor Unabated by Linaewen
  • Lost in the Woods by Elenna
  • Out of the Deep by Lothithil
  • * Sunset and Simbelmynë by Frodo Baggins
  • The Uneasy Sleeper by Dinledhwen
  • When Winter First Begins to Bite by Dancindeby

  • Humorous Angst

  • A Hairy Tale by Dinledhwen
  • A Hobbit Prone as his Vassal by jan-u-wine
  • A Lesson Learned by Silivren Ithildin
  • Desire by jan-u-wine
  • * EnChanterelled by jan-u-wine
  • * If Pippin had been the Ringbearer by Fellowshipfan
  • Humor in Wizards by Pyewacket