The LOTR Fanclub's fan community presents:

An angsty short-story writing contest
  January 13- March 31, '05


Serious Angst
Serious angsty wringers.

1st Place: The Echo of a Wordless Song
by Fíriel
2nd Place: Sunset and Simbelmynë
by Frodo-Baggins

Humorous Angst
Angst with a twist and a smile.

1st Place: EnChanterelled
by jan-u-wine
2nd Place: If Pippin had Been the Ringbearer
 by Fellowshipfan

was a short-story writing contest that was open to all members and regular lurkers / posters to the Lord of the Rings fanclub community, current or past.   The purpose of this contest was to give our writers a chance to take their readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride.  All entries needed to be family-friendly and within the boundaries of Tolkien's Middle-earth.
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Complete Submission Rules and Guidelines

Index of Angsty Entries

Prizes were awarded for
1st & 2nd place in both categories

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