Serious Angst

Another Morning in Mirkwood
by IrishStarElf

Another morning in Mirkwood

Legolas awoke to the sound birds, it was very early in morning and the sun had not yet risen. As he walked through the hall, he saw no one, not person, not even a guard. He made to the Kitchen and made some miruvor, after about two cups , he back to his room and got changed. And then headed out to the Archery range, but before he made it there someone called his name.

Within a split second Legolas was out like a light, and never saw what or who hit him.

He awoke in prision cell, it was clean and somewhat comfy. After three days from when got he was knock-out, he began to remember, what had happened that night.
Two guards came to his and said "Come with us we something for you." They held Legolas in tight grip.
Not wanting to know Legolas then began then finally break free from the guards.

After two right turns, he made left and found a ladder, and climbed it. After he made through the next, Legolas soon found boat, and oar. He began to paddle across the moat, when he had escaped. He never realised what was on the boat's wood. After eight days travel Legolas came home, but it wasn't long before the poison started to take effect. Legolas felt dreary, light-headed, and clumsy. By time it was his 2nd day home Legolas, slipped into a coma. Thraduil soon sent for Elrond and his sons, hoping that they would be able to heal, but they could do nothing.

"This posion is very different, I never seen it before." said Elrond.

Then Aragorn said: "Do you think some miruvor will help?"

As Aragorn looked Legolas lying on his bed pale and cold. Like a lifeless statue. Elladan and Elrohir made a special batch of miruvor for Legolas, Aragorn lifted Legolas' head up a little.

"Elrohir hand that cup please?" asked Aragorn.

Elrohir passed Legolas' favorite goblet. After few sips Legolas soon became more alert and awake. For a day and 1/2 Legolas drank miruvor. By the time the week had ended the Legolas was again enjoying the company of his friends and family.

The End.