~~~Congratulations to the winners!~~~

Serious Angst

1st Place: Echoes of a Wordless Song by Fíriel
2nd Place: Sunset and Simbelmynë by Frodo-Baggins

Humorous Angst
1st Place: EnChanterelled by jan-u-wine
2nd Place: If Pippin had been the Ringbearer by Fellowshipfan

Thank you to all who participated!


Angstfest was a writing contest open to all members and regular posters or lurkers to the Lord of the Rings fanclub community, current or past.  The contest ran from January 13 - March 31, 2005.  The focus of this contest was to give our writers a chance to plumb the depths of angst and take their readers on an intense emotional roller-coaster ride.

This was a short-story contest; the story needed be able to stand on its own, not be an excerpt from a longer tale.  While no word-count restriction was established,  reasonable lengths were encouraged.
In other words, if it's longer than LOTR, it's too long!  If it's a drabble, it's too short.

General rules and guidelines:

All pieces needed to be submitted through this site - if you posted your piece anywhere else (including the Red Book board of Decipher) it may be enjoyed by others, but it was not automatically entered in the contest unless you sent it in. 
Please be sure you include your online name/handle with your piece, title the work, and specify if it is humorous or serious angst.

All entries must remain family-friendly (no closely-detailed gore, demonic descriptions, etc.) - this is a limit that really shows the skill of the writer's ability to psyche out their audience without exceedingly disturbing mental images. This does not rule out potential character deaths as this is angst.  Think Alfred Hitchcock, rather than splatter.

All entries must be within the established universe of Tolkien's Middle-earth, using canon characters. The main character(s) need to be Tolkien's characters, not AU creations.  Silmarillion characters and events are acceptable, as long as they are set within the boundaries of Tolkien. All entries must be original works by the author submitting them, not parodies of other works. 

Entries need to be spell-checked, with common grammar, capitalization and punctuation applied. 

Submissions that do not meet these criteria will not be entered.

Judging will be conducted by an anonymous panel of  fans from the community.
Prizes will be provided courtesy of the LOTRfanclub Scrapbook. Winners will be notified by email.

If you are using italics in your work, you must place asterisks *like this* around the portion you want italicized. I remove all formatting tags when I place text on this site, but will italicize any part of your work that is asterisked in this manner. 

Good Angsting to all - Primula

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