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Note: Category locations of past items may have changed due to the continual re-organization of this site necessary to keep up with the volume of entries. If you can't find it, use the search function on the main page. "Find in this Page" under your Edit menu may also help. 
"Epic" categorization for Poetry since changed to "Poems".
The archives are in a "backwards" order with the most recent being at the top.

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December 2006

  • The Travesty of Eowyn by MerryK with responses (Musings), MerryK added to Contributors.
  • Second Last Faramir by Varda (Tales/ Misc)
  • Poetry menus created for Anariel, Eressea Nole and Curuwen of the Gap. (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Bittersweet Tears and Of Tuor and Idril by Curuwen (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Remembering Denethor by MerryK (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Twelve Days of Posting by Primula (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • O Sackville, and Ferny Bills by Primula (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • The Lights of Bree by Arasin (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • So This is Christmas by Mrs. Pippin, (Songs/ Christmas 2) Songs Collection created for Mrs. Pippin. (Songs/ Indiv./ MrsP)
  • Song Collection page created for Erech the Undead (Songs/ Indiv./ Erech)
  • O Come All Ye Fellowship by Ashlyn (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • I Saw Three Friends,  Bring the Precious and Oh the Weather Up Here is Frightful by Doctor Gamgee (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • Out of the Frying Pan, a Hobbit Yule by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Birth Order and Tolkien by MerryK (Musings)
  • "By Author" menus for Musings, Serial Parodies and Misc. Tales rearranged for easier search.
  • "By Author" menus for Short Stories, Parodies and Serial Tales rearranged for easier search.
  • The Mistletoe Incident (update & sequel) by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Parodies)
  • The Good, the Bad and the Irish: Beowulf & Cuchulainn by Varda (Musings)
  • Have a Mossy, Tossy Huorn by Primula (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • Revision of The Coat of Earendil by Lothithil (Tales/ Serial)
  • The Twelve Days in Rohan by various (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • Christmas by Silivren Ithildin (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • O Legolas, O Legolas by Strange Elf (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • It Came Upon March 25th, and Hark the Herald Tall Men Sing by MerryK (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • The Twelve Days in Mordor by various (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • Make the Season Bright by Sevilodorf with ErinRua (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • A Report from RingCon 2006 by Avondster (Tales/ Misc)
  • The Night Before Christmas by Erech the Undead (Poetry/ Adapted/ 2)
  • A Christmas Mouse by Varda (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Archer Mice)
  • The Twelve Days in Moria by various (Songs/ Christmas 3)
  • Happy Yuletide Indeed by MerryK (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Fellowship of the Gift by Son of Lin (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Updates to Captions gallery (Galleries), Arthur and Ennelyn added to Contributors.
  • Thorongil's Song of Morwen by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Twelve Days of Gondor by various (Songs/ Christmas 3)

  • November 2006

  • Give a Little Bit by Mrs. Pippin (Songs/ 10)
  • Updates to Links, Caption Gallery.
  • Do You Believe Elf Magic? and Down on the River by Primula (Songs/ Indiv./Primula 3)
  • Up on my Flet by Strange Elf (Songs/ 10)
  • Merry Won't You come out Tonight? by Erech the Undead (Songs/ 10)
  • Sweet Lobelia Baggins, and Suspicious Eye by Erech the Undead (Songs/ 11)
  • The Riding of the Rohirrim by pi (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Romancing Middle-earth by Jimbo Baggins (Poetry/ Epic)
  • When Frodo Walks through ME and Hobbitian Rhapsody by MrsPippin (Songs/ 11)
  • Wishin' for a Ship on the Bay and Build Me Up Denethor by Primula (Songs/ Indiv./ Primula 3)
  • Membership card image added to Fanclub Magazines gallery (Galleries/ Magazines)
  • Feelin' Moody by Evelyn (Songs/ 11)
  • Merry Merry, and I'm Your Captain by Erech the Undead (Songs/ 11)
  • I am an Elf, and Shire by Primula (Songs/ Indiv./ Primula 3)
  • My Ring by Ashlyn (Songs/ 11)
  • Requiem for Smaug by DOPR (Poetry/ Epic), Poetry Menu created for DOPR.
  • The Sound of M-e by Erech the Undead (Songs/ 11)
  • Wonderful Sam by MrsPippin (Songs/ 11)
  • An Ode to Sam by Rosie Cotton (Poetry/ Epic)
  • For Erkenbrand by Agape4Rivendell (Poetry/ Forms/ Cinquain/ Assorted)
  • LOTR Names in the US by Erech the Undead (Tales/ Misc)
  • In Dreams by Onono / Onomir (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Triolet for Legolas by Primula (Poetry/ Forms/ Triolet/ Tolkien)
  • The One Sock (ongoing) added to Top Tens listings.
  • Legolas He Saw a Lass by mousechief (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • Stuffed Pumpkin added to Recipes (Other)
  • Do You Know Where You're Going To by Strange Elf (Songs./11)
  • The Intrepid Legolas by Dinledhwen (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • Rangers in the Night and Que Sauron Sauron by Erech the Undead (Songs/ 11)
  • Da-Doo-Ron-Ron and Stand by Me, Sam by Mrs.Pippin (Songs/ 11)
  • Holy Ground by Varda (Musings)
  • Now is the Winter.... by MithrandirCQ (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 1)
  • Elves, Countrymen.... by Varda (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 1)
  • But soft.... by Doctor Gamgee (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 2)
  • Alas, Poor Jackson... and  He hath no stomach... by Varda (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 2)
  • The Hobbit... and So, it oft chances... by MithrandirCQ (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 2)
  • Tolkien Imagery and Battle by Doctor Gamgee with responses (Musings)
  • Is this a contract that I see... by Varda (Poetry/ Adapted/ Other 2)

  • October 2006

  • A Stable Poem by Jimbo Baggins (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Only Beyond the Sea by Varda (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • I Remember by Ashlyn (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Assorted updates to Fan Profiles, Birthdays and Fanclub Map. (Definitions)
  • The Most by Neesae with responses (Musings)
  • Hurin - A Doom Waits by MithrandirCQ (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Conclusion of Where There's a Will there's an Adulas by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Updates and restructuring of Bookloaf Smilies.
  • By No Man's Hand by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Trust by Onomir (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Onono)
  • The Least by Icarus with responses (Musings)
  • Future Site by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Give Rings a Chance by Erech the Undead (Songs/ LOTR 10)
  • Just Another Dream by JimboBaggins (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Halloween Specialty Coffee by Lothithil (respost set in its own place - Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Lord of the Coffee)
  • Updates to Links, Caption Gallery.
  • Additions to A New Beginning by Dinledhwen  (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Addition to Middle-earth Moments (Tales/ Misc/ Moments 6)

  • September 1  - September 30, 2006

  • Respite by Linaewen (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • A Lost Comrade by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Now Far Ahead the Road has Gone by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Unseeing Stone by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • What Enemy is This? by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • Conclusion of Narn e-Dant Gondolin by Elvellon Ringsbane (Tales/ Serial)
  • Black 'n' White  and Have You Seen It? by JimboBaggins (Poetry/ Epic).
  • Poetry menu created for JimboBaggins.
  • If Ever a Whiz there Was by Laiquendi (Tales/ Parodies)
  • I Remember by Ashlyn (Poetry/ Epic/ Authors of Single Poems)
  • Conclusion of Luinhen's Tale by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Serial)
  • Frodent's Song by Varda (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • The Shepherd and Frodo's Lament by JimboBaggins (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Birthday Guest 9-22 by Primula (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • My Birthday Present and Gandalf's Dance by Onomir (Poetry/ Epic)
  • There Once was a Hobbit Named Bilbo by Erech the Undead (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • The Most Important Thing by JimboBaggins (Tales / Short Stories)
  • We Baked a Cake by Primula (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9), also under Forms, rondelet.
  • A Hobbit Blessing by Tinidril (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • The First Birthday by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Poetry for the Archer Mice by Varda (Tales/ Parodies/ Serial/ Mice)
  • Mathom '06, 1420 and Bywaters and the Bearers of Promise by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Enyalie at Oxonmoot by Mathom, with pictures of the bouquet (Other)
  • Addition to New Beginnings by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories)

  • August 1  - August 31, 2006

  • Appearances can be Deceiving by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Rose by Onomir (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • A Brother's Love by Faramirgirl (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Green Parrot by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/Inklets/ Humorous 3)
  • Updates to Captions gallery (Galleries)
  • Updates to Fanclub Map (Reference)
  • Index for collections added to Top Tens.
  • Pippin's Poem by Texas Hobbit (Poetry/ Epic)
  • A Matter of Heart by Onomir (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Onono)
  • Contemplating Frodo by MrsFrodoBaggins (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Decision by Elfriend (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Gil-galad by Mrspippin (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates to LOTR License Plates (Other)
  • Apples and Mushrooms recipes added to Recipes (Other)
  • Where there's a Will there's an Adulas by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Disquiet by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • Dark Thoughts and Black Speech by Onomir (Tales/ Drabbles/ Onono)
  • The Wanderings of Frodo by Varda (Musings)
  • O Boromir by Onomir (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • Luna by Jimbo Baggins (Poetry/ Epic/ Single Authors), Jimbo added to Contributors.
  • Last Day by jan-u-wine (Poetry/Epic)
  • Pippin's Lament by Onomir (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Onono

  • July 1  - July 31, 2006

  • Eomer by Kathryne (Poetry/ Acrostics/ Assorted)
  • Top Ten Pet Peeves of Teachers in the Rohan Public School System by freauxdeauxlives (Top Tens/ Theme/ Rohan)
  • The Hate Song (Orc Canter) by Onono Onomir Ada, etc. (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Oliphants and String by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Of Boromir and Linaewen by Onomir (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Yearning by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • The Long Lunch by Varda (Musings)
  • Luinhen's Tale by Dinledhwen relocated to Serial Tales.
  • Updates to Caption Game (Galleries)
  • Elrond of Rivendell by Elvellon Ringsbane, revised (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Soon by jan-u-wine (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Additions toTolkien book covers gallery - Tom Bombadil and more of the Hobbit. (Galleries/ Bookcovers)
  • My Disbelief by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Hobbit Crossword and LOTR Word Scramble added. (Other/ Puzzles)
  • Brave Hobbits by Onono Laivindur (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Onomir)

  • June 1  - June 31, 2006

  • Where a Baggins Belongs by Sevilodorf (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • My Immortal by Agape4Rivendell (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Fingers/Fringers/etc. added to Definitions.
  • I Can See by Shelob (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Welcome and Samwise the Brave by Onomir/Onono (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Food for Thought by Laiquendi (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • Taters by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Tolkien and the Nazis by Varda (Musings)
  • Updates to Captions gallery (Galleries)
  • DarkElf and the Virgin Glade by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Crossroads Village by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Not What J.R.R. Intended by Overlithe with responses (Musings)
  • Aragorn's Nightmare by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Rilya, Rilya Elen Titta by Anna Estel (Songs/ 10)
  • Theme menu for The Dark Places of Middle-earth constructed. (Themes)
  • Scouring and Mirkwood by Primula (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Harrowing of Night by Varda (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today... by Laiquendi (Tales/ Parodies)
  • June Song by Rosie Cotton (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Rats by Sevilodorf (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Assorted drabbles for the Dark Places (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Dark)
  • A Short Cut to Spiders by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Assorted short commentary, poems and verse collected on Dark Places (Poetry/ Verses/ Theme)
  • Tolkien, Sauron and Evil, compiled by Rogorn from the Letters (Reference)
  • No Hours so Dark by Linaewen (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Way is Shut by Daughter of Kings (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Alkabeth, The Barrow-King and The Bloodstained by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Dark Places: a Collection of Images compiled by Linaewen (Other / Compilations)
  • Tharbad by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Humorous 3)
  • Ten Things Not to Say in Shelob's Lair and Things a Wraith Wouldn't Say (Top Tens/ 7)
  • A Clean Sweep by Mrs. Frodo (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Once a Year by Onono (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • Explaining the Ending by Sahmwise with responses (Musings)
  • Young Frodo by Overlithe (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Frodo's Primer by jan-u-wine (Tales/ Short Stories, also under Poetry/Epic)

  • May 1  - May 30, 2006

  • Time Out of Mind by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/Short Stories)
  • Sauron's Temple, I Slew with my Left Hand and His Sense of Duty, by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Sequel to The Ring will come to Gondor begun - The Captivity of Boromir by Varda (Tales/ Serial)
  • Remember Who You Are by Agape4Rivendell (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Year by Dinledhwen (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Aiya Earendil by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Pig-a-back by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Hobbits by Orangeblossom Took (Top Tens/ 7)
  • Bound by Queen of Gondor, new serial tale begun (Tales/ Serial)
  • Blood Feud by Agape4Rivendell, serial menu created. (Tales/ Serial)
  • Updates to Captions gallery (Galleries), updates to Bucklebury ongoing parody (serial parodies)
  • Live links added to listing of recently updated serial tales.
  • Additions to Luinhen's Tale by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • My Sword Weeps by Agape4Rivendell begun (Tales/ Serial)

  • April 1 - April 31, 2006

  • Hey, Mr. Saruman by Erech the Undead (Songs/ LOTR 10)
  • LOTR Legal by StarPaul20, with additions by others (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Men on the Mountain update by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • Things Orcs Never Say by suncrafter with additions (Top Tens/ LOTR 7)
  • Updates to Contributors page.
  • The Heraldry of the Shire by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Corrections and updates made to "My Sword Sings" by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Serial)
  • After the Victory and Elf's Tree by Elfriend (Poetry/Epic)
  • The Harps of Imladris by Elvellon Ringsbane (Poetry/ Epic)
  • In Durin's Halls by jan-u-wine (Poetry/Epic)
  • Legolas and Gimli on Arod by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Parodies)
  • The Gardener's Farewell by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Spring after Winter by Rosie Cotton (Tales/ Drabbles/ LOTR 3)
  • Narn e-Dant Gondolin by Elvellon Ringsbane (Tales/ Serial)
  • There Once was a Ringlet... by Tookfullofit (Poetry/ Limericks/ Fans 4)
  • Updates to Bucklebury's LOTR Parody (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Today in Middle-earth by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Winter Mornings and Lullabies by Firiel (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Hill of the Poets by Varda (Musings)

  • March 1  - March 31, 2006

  • The Coney in the Snow by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Who am I? series (set of 4 poems) by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Denethor's Lament by pi (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Caption game captions archived under Galleries
  • The Wearing of the Ring by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Inheritance by Primula (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Updates to Middle-earth Moments (Tales/ Misc./ Moments 6)
  • Additions made to the Bookcovers gallery (Galleries)
  • The Rohirrim Ride Again - part 3 by onone (Tales/ Drabbles/ Other 2)
  • Do Hobbits have Fat Fingers? by onone with responses (Musings)
  • Luinhen's Tale by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Maglor's Lament by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Men on the Mountain 14 by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • Thankfulness of Tuor by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Traveler's Anniversary by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Long Years by Nuroreiel (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Finale of Undomiel Ortanë: Evenstar Rising by Queen of Gondor (Tales/ Serial)
  • The Thing with Feathers by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Profiles for Faramirgirl and Traevynn added (Definitions/'Profiles)

  • February 1  - February 28, 2006

  • Updates to Men on the Mountain by Nuroreiel (Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • The Interview by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Humorous 3)
  • Gone Fishin'; a Goblin Song by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Pastries, Hobbit Style by Laiquendi (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Drabbles page created for Onono.  For Gondor by Onono Laivindur (Tales/ Drabbles/ Onono)
  • Updates to Bucklebury's LOTR parody (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Kinsman by Dinledhwen (Poetry/ Epic)
  • A Hairy Night and The Bonfire is Lit! by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • A Keg Dawn Rises & Gondor Calls for Ade by Primula (Tales/ Drabbles/ Other)
  • Fell Draughts Await by Daughter of Kings (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 8)
  • The Time of the First by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Fan Profiles sorted into Active and Inactive posters. (Definitions)
  • Updates to The Neverending Limerick (Poetry/ Limericks)
  • You Think you know Everything by Agape4Rivendell (Verses/ LOTR 9)
  • My Sword Sings by Agape4Rivendell completed. (Tales/ Serial)
  • Saruman's Army by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • The Rohirrim Ride Again by onone (Tales/ Drabbles/ Other 2)
  • She Always Needs to Feed; Tolkien's Bad Mothers by Varda, with responses (Musings)
  • The Blue Bottle by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Additions to "Orc Names" (Top Tens/ List 3)
  • Merry on the Battlefield by Queen of Gondor (Tales/ Drabbles/ Queen)
  • Wizard Staves and Authority by Primula with responses (Musings)
  • In the Ending is the Beginning by jan-u-wine (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Proper Peeps by jan-u-wine (Poetry/Epic)

  • January 16  - January 30, 2006

        * When Worlds Collide by Laiquendi (Tales/ Parodies)
        * Additions to Bookcovers gallery (Galleries)
        * In 1418 by Daughter of Kings (Songs/ 10)
        * Conclusion of The Ring will Come to Gondor by Varda (Tales/ Serial)
        * Sarn Gebir byAgape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories)
        * Blow, blow, blow your Horn and Twinkle Twinkle by Primula (Songs/ Prim 3)
        * Icksy-Sicksy Spider by MrsFrodoBaggins (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 8)
        * Updates to LOTR License Plates (Other)
        * Boromir's Dead in the Dell by Agape4Rivendell (Songs/ LOTR 10)
        * Let me go to my Death by Nin Maldor (Poetry/ Epic)
        * Top Ten Dwarf Names by Primula (Top Tens/ LOTR 7)

    January 1 - January 15, 2006

    ·  Kids and LOTR by Bregotamer with responses (Tales/ Misc)
    ·  The Neverending Limerick by various (Poetry/ Limericks/ Neverending)
    ·  Never Kiss a Ranger by Laiquendi (Poetry/ Misc/ Melange)
    ·  Shield and Buckler by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic/ Onono/ Poetry Drabbles)
    ·  Soldier On by Onono Laivindur (Tales/ Drabbles/ LOTR 3)
    ·  Fallen by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
    ·  My Sword Sings by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Serial)
    ·  Cerulean Sparkle by Kathryne (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  New set of prizes and winners set up for Lore of the Ring, 2006.
    ·  The Witch-Cat of Angmar by Varda (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Mice)
    ·  Man of Dreams and Harvest by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  Hobbit Friend by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  Writers and Truth by Doctor Gamgee with responses (Musings)
    ·  Galadriel's Message, Crystal Imperishable, Green and Golden and Returning to Lorien by Primula (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  Lothlorien Theme page created. (Themes)
    ·  Sweet Galadriel and Mallorns by Primula (Songs/ Prim 3)
    ·  The Land of Dreams by Laiquendi (Tales/ Short Stories)
    ·  Andave Namarie by AnnaEstel (Poetry/ Epic, Poetry/ Foreign)
    ·  Dreaming away this Foggy Morn by pi (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
    ·  Together through the Ages of the World and Wells of Deep Memory by Linaewen (Poetry/ Forms/ Found/ Linaewen)
    ·  About Lothlorien by Rogorn (Reference)
    ·  A White Wizard in the Golden Wood by Daughter of Kings and Evermind (Tales/ Short Stories)
    ·  Assorted short verse for Lorien (Poetry/ Verses/ Theme)
    ·  Celeborn by Evermind (Tales/ Short Stories)
    ·  A Pictorial Tour of Lothlorien by Linaewen (Other/ Compilations)
    ·  Beneath the Trees by Elfriend (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  In Fair Lothlorien by Agape4Rivendell (Poetry/ Epic)
    ·  The Purpose of the Third by Gentle-giant (Tales/ Short Stories)
    ·  The Lady and the Servant by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
    ·  Queen of the Galadhrim by Orangeblossom Took (Songs/ OBT 4)
    ·  In Lothlorien by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Epic)

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