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LOTR Fanclub Scrapbook
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Note: Category locations of past items may have changed due to the continual re-organization of this site necessary to keep up with the volume of entries. If you can't find it, use the search function on the main page. "Find in this Page" under your Edit menu may also help.
"Epic" categorization for Poetry since changed to "Poems".
The archives are in a "backwards" order with the most recent being at the top.

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December 1  - December 31, 2005

  • Aragorn by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Acrostics/ Aragorn)
  • Bill the Pony by Primula (Poetry/ Acrostics/ Assorted)
  • Gandalf by Gandalf the Grey (Poetry/ Acrostics/ Assorted).  Gandalf the Grey added to Contributors.
  • Conclusion to Sauron's Vow by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Don't Look at Me by Queen of Gondor (Tales/ Drabbles/ Queen)
  • Lord of the Coffee Reader's Digest Condensed Version by Lothithil (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Coffee)
  • Are These Trees Here My Trees? by Primula (Songs/ Primula 3, also under Christmas 2)
  • There Were Three Rings for Elven Kings by Sevilodorf (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • Jingle Orc by Agape4Rivendell (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • 24 Days of Christmas Writing Challenge by Agape4Rivendell and various. (Tales/ Challenges), in process.
  • Yule Fires Burning by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Updates to Men on the Mountain by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • The Hill of the Wind by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The New Sun by Vison (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Twelve Days for Denethor by Faramirgirl (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • A Gondor Winter Fest by Onomir and others (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • The Mistletoe Incident by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Meandering Thoughts on the Hobbit Movie by Doctor Gamgee with responses (Musings)
  • Elwing by Orangeblossom Took (Poetry/ Epic)
  • In Gondor there are Gentlemen by Agape4Rivendell (Songs/ Christmas 2)
  • Breelander Lebkuchen by Doctor Gamgee (Other/ Recipes)
  • The Nature of Fandom by Primula with responses (Musings)
  • Legolas' Help by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Mushrooms ala Gandalf by Gandalf the Grey, and Fruitcake by Ashlyn (Other/ Recipes)
  • A Treasure Found by Onono Laivindur (Tales/ Drabbles/ LOTR 3)
  • Snowflake by Queen of Gondor (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Eowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan by Vison - tale now in active revision. (Tales/ Serial)

  • November 1  - November 30, 2005

  • A Triple Drabble for Gimli by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • Updates to Middle-earth Moments (Tales/ Misc./ Moments 5), new Moments page begun.
  • Several additional drabbles by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • Gandalf's Hat by Varda (Tales/ Misc)
  • Moving Day by Linaewen (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Conversations)
  • Field of Dreams by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/  Short Stories)
  • Updates to Sauron's Vow by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • Frodo's Journal by Nin Maldor (Tales/ Journals)
  • Boromir and the Butterfly by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Additions to the Bookcovers gallery (Galleries)
  • Eowyn by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • Dream This by Lothithil (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • My Lady Goldberry and A Gardener's Gift by jan-u-wine (Poetry/Epic)
  • Journey to the Sea by Kathryne (Poetry/ Epic)
  • I Will be with You by Orangeblossom Took (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Drabbles and Verses each split off into their own menus, Other menu subcategorized, sitemap updated. Footers relinked.
  • Beren and Luthien by Varda (Tales/ Misc)
  • LOTR acrostic by Frodos Lady (Poetry/ Acrostics/ Assorted)
  • Return O Wanderer by Onono Laivindur (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Acrostics page for the fans added. (Poetry/ Acrostics)
  • Hope and Memory by Elvellon Ringsbane (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Samwise, Gardener by jan-u-wine (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Bell by jan-u-wine (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • A Rose for the Master by Primula (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Conclusion of The Missing by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Serial)
  • Frodo at the Battle of Bywater by Agape4Rvendell (Tales/ Drabbles/ Agape)
  • Thanksgiving drabbles by various (Tales/ Drabbles/ Themed)
  • Updates to Bucklebury's LOTR parody (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Eowyn's Song by Kathryne (Poetry/ Epic)
  • A Wandering Poem by pi (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Adulas' First Snow by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories)

  • October 1  - October 31, 2005

  • Responses added to Who is the Real Hero of LOTR discussion, by Overlithe (Musings)
  • Updates to Men on the Mountain drabbles by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Nuro)
  • Bright Eyes in the Grass, and revision of Bright House of Finwe by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Music from the Half-Caff by onone (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Lord of the Coffee)
  • Dumb Blondes by Varda (Musings)
  • Frodo as Hero Revisited by Rowan (Musings), Rowan added to Contributors.
  • Faramir and his Son by Faramirgirl (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Faramir's Dream about Boromir by Faramirgirl (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Lord of the Keyrings by MirandaOttoFan concluded and moved from Serial Parodies to Tales/ Parodies.
  • FotR Parody by LordoftheJedi concluded. (Tales/ Serial Parodies), sequel begun.
  • Updates to Ask the Characters (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Updates to Dumb Blondes (Varda/ Musings), additional responses archived.
  • Autumn in the Shire by Rosie Cotton (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Three double-dactyls for Boromir by onone (Poetry/ Haiku & Double-dactyls/ onone)
  • Sweet Anduril by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Unfinished Fanfics by Lothithil (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • Pippin's Nose Twitched by AuntKimby (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 8)
  • Recipes updated (Other)
  • Allegiance by Queen of Gondor and Evermind retired from serial tales, moved to short stories.
  • A Visit to Hobbiton and A Day of Rain by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Galadriel's Criminal Record by Varda (Tales/ Misc.)
  • In the Telling and The Olde Curiosity Shoppe of our Lives by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates to Middle Earth Moments (Tales/ Misc/ Moments 5)
  • Solomn Remembrance and two parts of a serial drabble for Dinledhwen by Agape4Rivendell, Drabbles page created for Agape. (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles)

  • September 16  - September 30, 2005

  • Gimli's Regret and In a Squeeze by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Bilbo, Wanderer by Evermind (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates to Lord of the Coffee (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • A Birthday drabble for Bilbo and Frodo by AuntKimby (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Bilbo)
  • Tomorrow and Enyalie by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Far Green Pastures by Samwisegirl (Poetry/Epic)
  • DarkElf Takes Her Leave, and The Sailing of Numenor by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Update to Men on the Mountain drabbles by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Nuro)

  • September 1  - September 15, 2005

  • Sauron's Vow by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Inklets/ Serious 2)
  • The Footsteps by BiddyBaggins (Poetry/ Verses/ LOTR 8)
  • Updates to The Pranks by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Who is the Hero of LOTR? by Overlithe (Musings)
  • Breakfast with the DarkElf by Lothithil (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Reminded of the Bath Song at Crickhollow by pi (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Home: a Hobbits in the Closet story by Avondster (Tales/ Parodies)
  • Mountain Troll Coffee by Lothithil (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Lord of the Coffee)
  • Wraith by Onono (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Now that There is Naught by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Silver-Rimmed Shield by Varda (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates to Men on the Mountain by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Nuro)

  • August 16  - August 31, 2005

  • The Grey Company by Elvellon Ringsbane (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates to Bucklebury LOTR parody (Tales/ Serial Parodies/ Bucklebury)
  • Moria by Nuroreiel (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Updates and additions to Fan Birthdays (Definitions)
  • The Mariners and Sailing by Onono Onomir Ada (Poetry/Epic)
  • How Loathsome by Overlithe (Tales/ Short Stories)
  • Prim's New Place by pi (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • Of Mallos and Men by Namarie (Poetry/ Epic)  Poetry menu created for Namarie.
  • Coast of Aman-Far by Orangeblossom Took (Songs/ OBT 4)
  • Unimaginable Grief by Silivren Ithildin (Poetry/ Epic)
  • GuyFal and Aussieme added to profiles. (Definitions)
  • And I Don't Mean To by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • Journey to the End and Road to Cerin Amroth by Beruthiel (Poetry/ Epic), poetry menu created for Beruthiel.
  • The Colors of the End by Overlithe (Poetry/Epic), poetry menu created by Overlithe.
  • The Awakening by jan-u-wine (Poetry/ Epic)
  • The Pranks by Dinledhwen (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Din 3)
  • Broken Bonds by Indis (Poetry/ Epic/ Single)
  • The Breaking of Hearts by Ada (Poetry/ Epic) and Walk On (Poetry/ Verses/ Fans 7)
  • 2 Drabbles by Agape4Rivendell (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Other)
  • Toralt and Thieli by Onono (Tales/ Serial/ Boromir's Ride)
  • Updates to Ask the Characters (Tales/ Serial Parodies)
  • Men on the Mountain by Nuroreiel (Tales/ Short Stories/ Drabbles/ Nuroreiel)
  • Summer "Colors" Poetry contest closed.

  • August 1  - August 15, 2005
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